How to Get The Swag

What is SwagBag?

SwagBag is an exciting new way to shop for men in Second Life. Like real life lootcrates SwagBag will deliver 15 top quality exclusive items, from SL’s top male designers, every month direct to your inventory. A list of the participating designers for the current round can be found on the Participating Stores page.


How Much Does it Cost?

SwagBag costs L$1500 per month.

If you wish to purchase a past months crate, you can do so at a terminal in the SwagBag HQ priced at L$3000 per Bag.


Is this an introductory price? Will it go up?

No. We’re not trying to lure you in a ‘special’ price and we have no plans to increase the price in the future, although we reserve the right to do so with plenty of prior notice.


How Do I Subscribe?

SwagBag’s systems are fully automated and run off custom built servers by MadPea Events.

There’s no group space needed just visit one of the in-world kiosks at one of the participating stores to register your subscription. There’s a full list of vendor locations here.


How will I get my swag?

On the 1st of each month the SwagBag will be delivered directly to your inventory.


Can I gift a SwagBag to a Friend?

Yes. Visit the SwagBag HQ to pick up a gift card specific to one round of SwagBag and send that to your friend to redeem at a kiosk.


I didn’t get my SwagBag, can I get a redelivery?

Yes. Visit SwagBag HQ and use the redelivery terminal.


Can I purchase previous SwagBags?

Yes. Previous SwagBags will be available to purchase at a cost of L$3000. Visit the Past Swag kiosk at Swagbag HQ


Is there an in-world Group?

Yes and because we’re delivering the SwagBag via a vendor system anyone can join to keep up to date about offers, contests and promotions or just chat with other SwagBag members about the Swag.


Will there be items included for all body types?

Because of the nature of a ‘mystery’ box we cannot guarantee that items will be made for specific bodies. We suggest that you look at the vendors on the Participating Stores page and decide for yourself if there are likely to be items that will fit your body.


Can I get a Refund?

No. All sales are final and no refunds will be offered.


I’m a Designer, Can I join?

Please see the Participating Stores page for information about when applications will be open


I’m a Blogger, Can I blog for SwagBag?

Please see the Blogger page for information about when we be seeking bloggers in the future


I have questions that aren’t answered here

Please feel free to join the SwagBag group in world to ask questions or use the contact form here. Alternatively IM the facebook page for SwagBag.