What people have to say about August’s Swagbag!

The Armory

Still not quite convinced about purchasing a SwagBag? Well don’t just take our word for how awesome it is, have a read of what some of our designers and customers are saying!

“I was so impressed with Swagbag this month and really looking forward to next month.“ commented Strawberry Singh, who you may know from her widely popular blog. She also did a great job with an unboxing video for the August bag. “It’s definitely worth the price!” she added.
One of the more popular items in the August bag was the L&B Hero jacket. Creator BastChild Lotus had this to say about the other items in the bag, “I think it was a fantastic mix of items.. I was blown away at everyone’s creativity!”

#298. I torture you I'm a slave to your games

The one thing we consistently heard the most about was how convenient it was to receive the bag. Greg Stella summed it up perfectly. ‘Stuff is all good, I am liking this.. You get the feeling of a one off event, without having to go to a laggy place and wait for everything to load. You just hand over your money and wait for the box to come.”

And let’s forget about the items for a moment and talk about the packaging! People were very impressed! “That delivery system was pretty epic” commented Deacon Miswood. “Stylish as hell” agreed Aidan Galloway (ruddegore tobias)
So it seems a lot of people agree that SwagBag is a hit and something the guys on Second Life have been wanting for a while. ᄃΛЯПIVΛᄂ (bigtop) certainly agrees, “Every guy needs to know about SwagBag.  Seriously, it takes all the hassle out of actually shopping and gives you epic stuff with like, no effort.  My GF has been rubbing (omitted name) in my face, finally guys get some loving too. Can’t see a downside to this, I look like a badass and can’t stop opening the case. LOL”

Nirevil # 222 I'll protect you from all the things I've seen.

We’re excited to hear what you all have to say about September’s SwagBag! Feel free to leave comments on the blog post, our facebook page, or even in The SwagBag inworld group chat.

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