Wanna know what’s in the bag?

We told you who the 15 awesome designers were at the start of the month. Well now we can reveal the type of items you’ll be receiving from them in September’s bag! And the designers have listened to your feedback from last month and have worked hard to give you some of the things you’ve asked for!

Vendor Item Graphic SEPT 1024

In fact we are so excited that we’re holding another giveaway! So if you have Facebook just visit our page and like and share our post for a chance to win a September SwagBag! We’ll announce the winner sometime tomorrow.

If you’re interested in pre-subscribing for September’s bag then make sure to visit our Headquarters!

2 thoughts on “Wanna know what’s in the bag?

    1. The graphic is to show you the type of items you’ll receive. The picture of the chair means Home & Garden, the suit and tie icon means clothes. We don’t reveal the actual items until after the SwagBag is delivered on the 1st!


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