SwagBag August Theme Announced

SwagBag Vendors Kiosks will soon be going online for the August Swag and you need to know how to get yours!


Check out the ‘HOW TO GET THE SWAG‘ page which should answer all your questions about how SwagBag works

We’ll be announcing the locations of the kiosks very soon too!

Each month SwagBag has a theme, like many events around the grid do too. August is Heroes and Villains and, like you, we can’t wait to see what the fabulous list of creators has come up with for this one either!

SwagBag August Theme 2048


We think we’ve covered most of the questions you will want to know in the FAQ but you can always contact us via the Contact form on this blog or via the SwagBag Facebook page or better still join the group in world!

And remember we’re running lots of promotions to win the first month of SwagBag so keep an eye out for more information and you could be one of our lucky winners!

3 thoughts on “SwagBag August Theme Announced

    1. We’re all very excited too! Even we won’t get to see the items until the last minute but we know that the designers are pulling out all the stops!


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